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Help & Info about WeChat for iphone

  • What is WeChat?

    WeChat is a free instant messaging or mobile chat app that provides free voice and video calls, images, stickers, games, and text messages that help users stay connected with their near and dear ones. The app is available worldwide and the only cost users may end up paying is the data charges incurred if they exhaust their regular data usage plan.
  • How to download the app?

    There are two ways to download WeChat. One is heading to the official website and downloading the file after choosing the iOS platform. The second method is easier and also popular, which entails downloading the app right from the App Store.
  • How is WeChat different from SMS?

    WeChat is fundamentally the same as SMS, but there are three major differences that make it a far better tool. First, the messages can be sent for free. Second, the messaging is instant, unlike a text message that takes more than a few seconds to deliver the message to the recipient. Also, with WeChat, a user knows whether the recipient is online or ready to respond.
  • How do add friends on WeChat?

    Friends can be added from a user’s mobile contacts, social media networks, through Friend Radar and Shake, and QR code scanning. Users can also search for a specific friend using his/her phone number or WeChat ID.
  • What are Starred Friends?

    A “starred friend” shows up at the top of a user’s contact list, which helps locate them quickly. Any number of friends can be marked as starred and starred statuses can be cancelled as well. The user’s friends won’t be notified of these actions.
  • Can a user recall sent messages?

    Message recalls are supported. Tapping the particular message would pop up the “recall” option and selecting the option would make the conversation disappear. The recipient would be notified about the message recall, however. And messages can be recalled only within two minutes after having sent them.
  • How does voice message work?

    A voice message comes in handy during a rush or when the user’s hands are too busy for typing. The app has the voice button in the screen’s lower left-hand corner. Pressing and holding the button activates the option and releasing it concludes the message and sends it across. A voice message can be as long as 60 seconds.
  • What is Moments?

    Moments is a native feature that lets users share videos and photos with friends and family as they are taken. It’s a neat little way to share the latest updates with people. The photos and videos can be shared from the camera roll or as they are taken.
  • Are WeChat IDs visible to all?

    No, users can see other users’ WeChat IDs only if they know them. A stranger’s user ID is not publicly visible for security and confidentiality reasons. A “stranger” is someone who isn’t friends with the user on WeChat, or has been located using the People Nearby, Friend Radar or Shake feature.
  • Can a Voiceprint be used for logging in?

    Logging in through Voiceprint is fine and possible on WeChat. However, it’s not recommended to use the feature when logging in for the first time from a particular device. The first logins should always be done using more secure methods such as passwords.


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