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Help & Info about WeChat for windows

  • Is Wechat free to use?

    You may download, install and sign up for Wechat and use it for free. The only thing you need to pay for is the Internet you use in order to communicate using the app.
  • Is it true that people may send money via Wechat?

    You may transfer money from your Wechat Wallet balance into another person's Wallet. That person may then withdraw that money into his or her bank account. You are not able to pay money directly into another person's bank account.
  • Can I send video messages?

    Users may send text messages, video messages, and voice messages. One-to-one messages are possible, and group messages are possible too. You cannot see if another person has read or seen your message, but you can see when other people are typing.
  • Do I have to pay for voice messages?

    Not only are you allowed to send voice messages around the world, there is also no form of charge for sending them. This means you may send voice messages to people in other countries and you do not have to buy credit or pay for them to be sent.
  • Are other users able to see my phone number?

    Your phone number is only given out if you give it out yourself. Other users only see your Wechat nickname, they do not see the phone number of the mobile device you are using.
  • What is an Wechat ID?

    This is the unique name that you give your profile. It is a permanent name that is used to help the app figure out who you are. It is a unique ID with the network.
  • What is an Wechat Nickname?

    Your nickname is the name that other people see when you send them a message. You may change your nickname as often as you like. It is a little like how you are able to change your name on Facebook, but you are unable to change the URL to your profile. Think of your ID as your URL and your Nickname as your profile name.
  • How do I delete entire conversations or delete single messages?

    Tap and hold on the message to gain access to the options and click delete. You may also have a visible “Options” button where you will find the delete button. If your phone has a tappable options button, then try that. Also, you may swipe left on the chat screen to enable deletion.
  • How do I register and is there a way to recover my password?

    Registering is as easy as adding your phone number after installing the app, or you may set up an account with your Facebook account. Retrieve your password on the log-in page by clicking the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Is there a region restriction?

    Despite the fact that Wechat is a Chinese app that is popular in China, there is no region setting within the app’s software. This means that unless the developer is instructed otherwise, you should be able to contact people around the world so long as they have the Wechat app installed.


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